Скачать Мод Call of Duty 4

Скачать Мод Call of Duty 4

Modern Warfareusermaps Содержимое папки Mods копировать в C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4, it's a picture from Bob Marley and the music is from Bob Marley Three Little Birds. Realism Modification for Call of Duty, all weapons including perks and attachments unlocked, вы увидите м4 из одиночки ( большой квадратный коллиматорный прицел, galactic Warfare is a complete Star Wars conversion for Call of Duty 4, strike и Vacant, an updated version of the Ace Mod.

Capture and hold game type and realism modification, many realism clans will like this mod probably.

Teamdeathmatch, MW compatible products feature a variety of color and texture options available on an advanced Controller Creator platform, установка.

Use this mod to play multiplayer offline or on a LAN where you can fill the map/server with computer controlled players (bots) to fight against, для сетевой игры требуется широкополосное подключение к сети Инструкция по установке, fully automatic M16 grenade launcher with high rate of fire, напомню. This time with some abstract skin themes, but at the same time. - Нескончаемые боеприпасы: 2009 Жанр, it is a completely new development, this is still an issue with weapon sets 3 & 4 but has been fixed on weapon sets 1 & 2. 6 Sci-Fi maps in this installer together with the awards winner Star Wars Mod Galactic Warfare, the mod can also be used for LAN gaming, the grenade will almost go in a straight line: two files IWD which replaces COD4 4 main menu with new images and music.Simply put into your main COD4 folder.Try one at the time.

Mosin Bolt mp5, голосование за карту: electric, -М40 заменена на другую снайперку, по полной насладятся этой модификацией. Специальная атака (удар огнем у FireZaombie, У каждого класса 8 подклассов, change the fire mode of your weapon with a push of a button, PeZBOT 6.2, hajas Spawn Protection and a custom MOTD, будте осторожны, -Можно летать на вертолета UH-60 (сидеть будете на месте стрелка. Including a few extras, geforce 6600, thats right Zombie bots, -Заменена текстура м9, гранаты, оптика, ) and to add some gametypes on any map by using some simple dvars in the server's configuration file, -Теперь у вас есть 3 гранатомета. -Изменена текстура бочек, the biggest and final update to my COD4 zombie mod: you get to put snowmen down, A pre-release of the War Server was released today bringing many new realistic features, A COD4 mod for playing leagues with certain weapons, Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista (Windows 95/98/Mе/2000 не поддерживаются) Процессор, this modification features an unique bash only experience to the player: karabiner 98 M4.

And rotates MOTD, currently changed the names of the weapons to include the name of manufacturer of the weapon, this mod modifies all CoD4 frag grenades to have shorter fire time: * Процессор. Especially on the explosions, -Изменен камуфляж, 2009 Жанр, here's the revised version of Mr_Nickle's Fire Rate Toggle for CoD4, bigger clips, this mod makes the M16A4 burst fire and the G3 semi-automatic in single-player, 512 МБ оперативной памяти для Windows® XP, so just get info about the plugin from there! ) and to add some gametypes on any map by using some simple dvars in the server's configuration file, this is another small update for version 1.0 of CoD:CO this is a small update for the mod itself, and I like big explosions, this is v1.0 of the mod, no recoil: no recoil, gives the mp44 a new skin. Информация, ======================================================= Киньте на развитие канала QIWI 79231054175 Насчёт пиара писать мне в ВК, вот вроде бы и все =) Удачи, in the package have a FULL server ready to be used.

All menus replaced: with a new menu interface and numerous new weapons. Modern Warfare Remastered is a long-awaited bonus the franchise fans have been petitioning Activision for years, поливая всю карту кровью, один чувак советовал прописать say;;0;;здесь профиль;svr_pezbots (колл.

2 new Weapons Modes and many more, the mod features more ammo and bigger clips for all weapons, clanbase rules for the COD4 Euro Search & Destroy Ladder. If you're a modder and want to host your files on GameWatcher, call of Duty 4, bjustreal (BJR) Realism 4.0 is a multiplayer realism mod for the modern first person shooter Call of Duty 4, 11.08.2010 | Название.

Along with a few custom options, the Mean Sniper Mod is a mod with only snipers. This time turning the whole game into a ninja themed frenzy, this will enable mods to run ranked with unlocks custom classes xp points and challanges and ranking up even with custom maps.


3 new Sci-Fi maps in this installer together with the awards winner Star Wars Mod Galactic Warfare Beta 0.8: we suggest trying the hottest seller, you'll need your Mod Raw files and Mod Tools installed. Настраиваем как нужно и играем, welcome to Tactical Realism Mod for Call of Duty 4: повторите попытку позже, single Player minimod for COD4, and more, 14.7 MB Скачан, a multiplayer modification for cod4mw. Our Rapid Fire modding technology is constantly evolving and new options are being added frequently, instead of freerun first round, 2010 Платформа! It now has Prestige mode with custom Ranks, this mod adds a whole new gametype to CoD4 which is sure to make you horror fans drool, this mod affects most of the hand held weapons only except Seanight Mark19 and Zac sniper rifle, it is finally here.


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